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Reflexology is an ancient form of therapy that is applied to the feet. The theory of reflexology is based on the principles that feet and hands have reflexes which correspond to the body, including organs and glands. As the therapist works over the feet, the body starts to relax and rebalance bringing improved health and well-being. The therapist uses a technique known as "thumb walking" around the foot, different pressures are applied, even people who have very ticklish feet find the technique relaxing and very acceptable.

Reflexology is very suitable for anyone trying complementary therapies for the first time, as only the feet are uncovered.

I have first hand experience in treating people experiencing cancer, MS and ME, for whom there have been some amazing results.  I have also found it very beneficial for teenagers, especially at exam time.

What are the benefits?

The first benefit that you will feel is your body starting to relax, for some clients this is the first time they have felt this experience , as everyone is living today with high levels of stress.  As I work around the feet, using reflexology techniques, the lymphatic system is stimulated and the blood flow improves, as stress is relieved from the muscles and major organs. This encourages the body to start to function more effectively. After a treatment, clients can experience headaches, increased urination, bowel movements or to sleep. these are all signs of the body releasing toxins. These reactions will soon subside by drinking water eating light, clean food and rest.  The more regular the treatment, the more effective the results.


What to expect during your appointment

At the first session you will receive a consultation discussing past and present health issues and general lifestyle. Also anything else that you may wish to include. Any discussions between the therapist and client are strictly confidential.

Please be aware, that one treatment is wonderfully relaxing, but if you wish to gain more long term results, a course of treatments is advisable. Please check the pricing page to check out the prices for a course of reflexology.

If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment, please contact me by either: Mobile 07789 222160 or email: