Reflexology for Preconception, Pregnancy and Labour

Honor Ballantyne, Pregnancy Reflexology in TauntonReflexology is becoming a very popular as a natural way to assist and support preconception, pregnancy and labour in a natural way.

Reflexology can help to rebalance hormones, relieve stress and improve general well-being, all of which can help increase the chances of conception.  I also recommend that the partner have there own treatments (if male), as men can suffer just as much with stress, which causes hormone imbalance.  As although it is wonderful to want to have a baby, it still brings challenges and stress. When you are both feeling more calm and relaxed, it is a wonderful bonding process for all involved, especially the baby.

During your pregnancy, reflexology can assist with relieving discomfort such as lower backache, nausea, swollen ankles and problems with sleeping. 

For those looking for a more natural assistance with labour, using reflexology techniques can help stimulate the body, please note this is only effective nearer to the actual date. 

After pregnancy, reflexology is a positive way to regain hormone rebalance and bring a feeling of well-being, during a time when women are experiencing many changes both physical and psychological. It is important to take care of yourself after giving birth whilst the body is trying to go back to normal and whilst your trying to live your life.

Please be aware that reflexology cannot be carried out during the first trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy. When you do decide to have reflexology during pregnancy, consult with your medical practitioner first. 

During a reflexology treatment if you so wish, can be combined with Reiki, this really enhances the treatment, as both Mother and baby experience the safe and relaxing energies of Reiki.

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