Reiki Healing and Reiki Teaching

Reiki Therapist Taunton, Somerset

I love Reiki. Why you ask? 

My Brother introduced me to Reiki in a very unexpected way, and for that I will be eternally grateful to him. Because Reiki was the start of the journey that put me on the path of being who I am meant to be, not who I thought I should be. It gave me the strength to change things in my life that were destroying the integrity of my being. 

Sounds a bit dramatic, but true.


Reiki is a form of healing that originated in Japan by a man called, Mikao Usui. There are many versions of his story that you can read about in books or on the internet. But whatever his story, the main thing is Mikao Usui brought Reiki Healing to the world, which has change millions of peoples lives for the better. 

Reiki is not a religious belief, it is a way of being based on love which intrinsically connected to the Universe. The word 'Reiki' means, Universal Life Force. The word is split into two parts, Rei (pronounced ray)- translation - wisdom and knowledge of the Universe and Ki (pronounced key)- translation - Life Force Energy that runs through everything.

There are many different types of Reiki practiced today, the form of Reiki that I practice is called, The Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki was originally only practiced in Japan, until a lady who was trained to become a Master, Mrs Hawayo Takata, brought it to the west and this is when the knowledge and use of Reiki accelerated. 

Reiki is a very gentle and subtle energy treatment, it is deeply relaxing and enables the recipient to begin there healing journey. It cannot be said that Reiki can 'cure' a person, as healing comes in many forms. That being said Reiki does have many benefits for the recipient.

It is suitable for all ages, pets, plants and a variety of situations are able to experience benefits from Reiki healing, the (human) recipient is always fully clothed and can be either seated or lying down. It is predominantly a hands off treatment, hence it is also effective as a distance healing treatment, this is when the practitioner and client can be in two different locations.

Some of the benefits of a Reiki treatment is one of deep relaxation, feeling lighter, rebalanced and more positive. How many treatments are required is determined how the recipient feels after their treatment, also the issue/s the client may be experiencing.  

Either interested in having a treatment or how to learn Reiki, please feel free to contact me for further information: Mobile 07789 222160 or