Thank you Honor for your time, understanding and amazing ability to help my daughters problem.

You not only offer amazing treatments, but you are such a kind human being.

Highly recommended. xxxx K.L


I felt incredibly calm from the moment I met Honor, everything she said made sense and the overall experience was very satisfying.  I'm looking forward to my next session and exploring Reiki further. K.G.


Hi Honor, just to thank you and let you know, my husband had a better nights sleep, never got up until this morning.  He had a little pain first thing but walked it off. He noticed he could feel more sensation when I toughed his feet, they also had colour to them, his feet have been drained of colour for ages, the bottoms of his feet were pink. K.B.


Reflexology was recommended to me by a health professional to assist my well-being after having cancer treatment.  When I realised the treatment would be administered via my feet I almost freaked out due to having a bare foot phobia! However, I was soon put at ease by Honor's friendly and calming approach and I soon began feeling the benefits of the treatment.  I have been amazed by Honor's ability to detect problems in other areas of the body through reflexology and help start the healing process.  I've seen some remarkable improvement in my joint pains after a few sessions and would thoroughly recommend Honor's healing hands.  S.R.