Holistic Massage Created

Especially For Women

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Holistic Massage


I have created my Holistic Massage especially for women. Having gone through puberty, had children and have now gone through the menopause. Using my knowledge and skill as a therapist and my life experience and gained wisdom about health and looking after my whole being, I have created a treatment that I wish I had found to help me through the many different stages of my life. 

This deeply relaxing massage, focuses on relieving and releasing tension throughout the body, inside and out, also rebalancing your energies and hormones.

By using a combination of deep tissue massage techniques, Reiki and reflexology. The deep tissue massage starts to removing tension and discomfort from your muscles, prompting the relaxation process, whilst increasing a more effective blood flow around the body. During the massage stimulation of the lymphatic system occurs, which encourages the releasing of toxins from the body. 

Applying Reiki to the main chakras in the body, encourages a clearing and rebalancing of blockages in the energetic body. Bringing a feeling of deep relaxation and lightness and clarity to the whole of your being. 

Finishing with reflexology techniques on your feet to rebalance the endocrine system (hormone system). Releasing stress deep within these areas of the body to bring balance and clarity. 

In these ever stressful times in which we live, it is important as women, to take care of our health and well-being as our responsibilities continue to mount up. Having made many changes in my life to live a more healthy and balanced way, I am happy to share with you practical ways I have found in my life to achieve this. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regards to this treatment or to book an appointment, please contact me either by Mobile: 07789 222160 or email: edentherapies@googlemail.com.