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'If you want things to change in your life, you have to change'


  We get stuck in patterns of belief, these beliefs may actually be different to our own thoughts, but because these belief systems have been with us for most of our lives, we begin to believe that they must be true, therefore not trusting in our own thinking and intuition, (gut instinct). 

  There is a small voice inside us that wants things to change, but we are frightened of what might happen if we start to change things, even in a small way. It sometimes is just a small step that can lead to something quite wonderful.

  The world around us is changing, the way we live our lives is changing. Perhaps how you used to live your life doesn't feel right for you anymore, perhaps your thinking has changed and you feel different in some way but can't share this with people around you.

  When an awakening (change in consciousness) happens you can feel that you are alone when those around you are not experiencing the same changes. This is why I have set up a group for like minded people, who are going through a similar experience.


  The group meets the last Sunday in the month from 4.00pm to 5.30pm. During that time you will have the opportunity to learn simple meditation techniques, practical guides to help with changes and expansive thinking (this will be an opportunity for sharing knowledge and experiences.)  There is a fee of £5.00 to cover costs.


  If you would like any further information or would like to attend the group, please contact me (Honor) by either email: or mobile: 07789 222160.